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Have your first digital currency
Visa / Master card with Dupay

No matter where you are in the world, no matter what fiat or cryptocurrency you hold, payment has never been easier.

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Easy to store,
Manage your money and cryptocurrencies

Manage your assets through our app and make payments with your card at any time Start to use

Dupay's Visa / Master card

Dupay is used to support global online payment, offline consumption and third-party payment

With Dupay, you can easily convert cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH into legal coins

With Dupay, you can seamlessly switch between the crypto world and the fiat world

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily

The built-in exchange system allows you to easily exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, including USD/EUR/GBP


Multi-signature cold wallet

Use a multi-signature cryptocurrency wallet system to ensure your assets are safe and protected in our offline system.

Terminal Device Binding

Only your authorized terminal device can access your account. All data communication is encrypted using AES 256 encryption algorithm.

Financial and safety regulation

We are subject to regular financial audit and supervision by external companies to ensure that users' money accounts are segregated.

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